livreur donnant le colis a un client kotscanlivreur donnant un colis à un client kotscan


4 solutions in 1

By ordering a pack via KOTscan, you have access to all the existing interfaces and tools. From mobile, web or tracking tools, you will be able to have a 360° approach of your activity.

illustration de l'application kotscan web
KOTscan App
illustration de l'application kotscan Appillustration de l'application kotscan manager
KOTscan Web
illustration de l'application kotscan Tracking
KOTscan Tracking
KOTscan Manager

An all-inclusive solution

Dedicated account manager

Training for all the solutions included

No hidden costs

A solution designed to answer your problems

Works in low data

Low operational cost (Android smartphones, your own hardware)

Secure delivery

Solutions that matches your needs.

pack 200 parcels
€ VAT included
No additional fees
Text messages included
best seller
pack 1000 parcels
€ VAT included
No additional fees
Text messages included
pack 4000 parcels
€ VAT included
No additional fees
Text messages included
pack 10 000 parcels
€ VAT included
No additional fees
Text messages included


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Is the price negotiable?

No, the price is not negotiable, however there are no hidden costs. Once you have purchased your pack, you can directly use our solution.

No need to pay for the sender and receiver text messages, it's included in the price of the pack. No need to buy hardware, an Android phone, an Android tablet or a computer and you can send your packages!

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Why should I go digital?

The goal of digitalization is simplicity. For you and your customers. We invite you to watch the video below :

This is a report from the Ivory Coast's "Réussite" program presenting our solution and the simplicity of it for you and your customers.

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Will this take me a long time?

No, once you have paid for the package, you will receive an email from with what you need to do.
You will only have to take 5 minutes to fill in a pre-filled Excel with :
- The name of the departure points
- The name of the routes and their arrival and departure points
- The number of key users needed and their name(s).

Then we take care of the rest, and you will be informed once we have set up your account. You will also receive an email with your codes to enter our application.

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Is there a limit to the number of users?

No, there is no limit to the number of users. You can add as many users as you want.

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Does the solution work with iOs?

No, the solution does not work with iOs. It is currently only compatible with Android. However, you can use KOTscan Web with an iOs phone or computer.

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Is a maintenance contract included in the price?

Yes, if you have a concern you can contact us via our dedicated email address:

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Does KOTscan have access to our database?

No, the only information KOTscan has access to is the information you give us. No risk for your internal database.

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How are we notified when we reach the end of the pack?

You will receive an email when you reach the end of your pack, no matter which pack you have chosen. In this email, we will explain you what you have to do to take back a pack and also that you will not be able to use our solution anymore if you do not take back a pack.

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What if I need to contact the KOTscan team?

Nothing could be easier! If you have a need, no matter what it is, you can send us an email on our dedicated address: We will answer you as soon as possible.