Digital parcel delivery solution

Organise your parcel delivery service with a secured monitoring, parcel delivery and offer your customers a premium delivery experience.

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Digitize your parcel deliveries

As soon as it is dropped-off, our system allows to follow the parcel during its entire journey, and this without any investment or additional infrastructure.

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Manage your activity

With KOTscan, monitor operational costs, team performances, revenue growth and key indicators of your service quality.

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Communicate to your clients

Key accounts and individual customers can follow delivery progress. Personalise your communication with customers.

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KOTscan ambitions to be deployed everywhere in Africa.

You can contact us to use KOTscan in your company. Click on the relevant country for you to contact our local office.

If your country is not yet shown on the map, you can also contact us to become the local distributor of KOTscan in your country.

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Features adapted to your needs

Unitary or bulk parcel creation, multiplatform, secured parcel exchanges between staff members, creation and monitoring of shipment slips, management of delivery tours and all kind of delivery label formats, secured Pincode or QR-Code delivery, for all kind of customers (individuals, professionals or key accounts).

Monitoring of Parcels

  • Simplified and clear parcel identification
  • Precise record of parcel delivery activity
  • Simplified interactions with your customers

Management of your operations

  • Performance monitoring of every route, office and staff member
  • Management of key accounts
  • Fraud detection

Network management and interconnection

  • Easy configuration of all your routes, offices and staff member
  • Secured interconnection with our partners' networks
  • Detailed follow-up for invoicing